How has human mind been created?
And how do we empty our minds?

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Human mind has been created
Just like how a camera functions to take pictures.

scene1_human01 scene1_human02 camera

Just as a camera takes pictures,


your body and its 5 senses
(eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and the body itself) is a camera


that takes pictures in your mind of everything
you have experienced.

scene1_human01 flower scene1_human02 scene1_human03 scene1_human04 flower_copy01

Now, close your eyes and try to recall a flower.

scene2_human01 dot dot dot

Does it come up?
That is the picture that you have taken in your mind.

scene2_human02 flower_copy02

Your family that you have known since you were a child,
have been taken in your mind as pictures.

scene3_human01 scene3_mom scene3_human02 mom_copy

Arguments with a friend,


memories of a first love,

scene3_human03 love_copy

stress, anxiety, and even the good moments are
all simply just pictures in your mind.

scene3_human04 scene3_home home_copy scene3_money money_copy scene3_sad sad_copy scene3_human04_1 man_copy grandfather_copy

These pictures in your mind are the mind clutter.

cloud_b cloud_s
cloud_l1 cloud_l2 cloud_l3 cloud_l4 cloud_l5 cloud_l6 cloud_l7 cloud_l8 cloud_l9 cloud_l10

And up to now, you have never escaped from the picture world in your mind.


This meditation method
cleans out those pictures in your mind.

Through the 7 levels of this method,
you can look back on your life and
throw away those pictures one by one.

scene4_human01 scene4_human02 mom_copy2 fight_copy2 love_copy2 home_copy2 money_copy2 sad_copy2 man_copy2 grandfather_copy2

The more you throw away those pictures in your mind,
the lighter and more peaceful you will feel.

scene4_human03 scene4_human04 dot_cloud_1 dot_cloud_2 dot_cloud_3 dot_cloud_4 dot_cloud_5

You will realize your true self
and be able to understand the principles of the world.


You will become happy and be without stress or anxiety.
The best days of your life begins.

scene4_human05 flower04 flower05 flower04 flower03 flower01 flower02 flower02 flower01 flower02 flower02 flower01 flower02 flower01 flower02 flower02 flower01 flower01 flower02